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Practice Facilities

Be sure to visit our practice facility at Lake Arbor Golf Club just before you play and consider gearing your warm-up to the following program. Instead of starting on the driving range, set out for our practice putting green and hole out each putt you make. Then go to our driving range and start with some wedge shots and work your way up through the clubs in your bag. We have 13 stations with mats where you can warm up before playing your round. A small bucket of about 30 balls costs $5.00 and a large bucket of about 60 balls costs $9.00 Finish your range session by "playing" the first few holes by imagining the first fairway and hitting a drive; then pretend you're hitting your approach shot to the first green, and so forth. Then make a final stop at the putting green for some final putting practice.

8600 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO 80003